carryon1. Card Holder – A friend got this for me as a gift for my birthday last year which was amazing as I typically carry small bags and never use cash. This particular one is from Aspinals but I’ve linked a few other nice ones here and here.

2. Headphones – I had a fatal accident with my Air Pods last year so no longer trust any without a wire attached, especially at the high cost. On my wish list I have these but the classic Apple ones are perfect!

3. Cosmetic Case – I love these travel bags I have them in a few different shapes and sizes. The clear windows make it really easy to see what’s in the bag which is good for you and good for and the TSA. You can get one from here.

4. Hand Sanitiser – An absolute necessity but I try and find  natural ones as my skin flares up with the regular kind. The Honest Company do a great range.

5. Contact Lens Case – Being a contact lens wearer, long flights can be very annoying when you want to sleep. This travel case makes it a lot easier to switch with my glasses.

6. Sleep Mask – I sleep with this every night and it’s an easy, lightweight comfort to bring with me on the flight for when the lights come on but I’m not ready for them! This is the exact one I have.

7. iPad – Flying gives you the ultimate guilt free time to binge watch as much as you like. I download a lot of shows before travelling so I know I won’t be bored. I much prefer watching my iPad than the airplane TV as I’ve selected shows I actually want to watch rather than browsing.

8. Travelling dries out your skin a lot, especially lips and hands. This lip balm is the best and most effective one I’ve ever used.

9. The best glasses brand and my favourite frames here.

10. I know using make-up wipes in your skincare routine are terrible for your face but on a flight nothing compares to keep your face fresh and clean. As they are bad I try and find ones without lots of chemicals in, so far these two are my favourites (here and here). Sprays freshen but don’t really clean much.

11. This toothbrush has changed my travel! No more bulky chargers and it comes with a carry case for hygiene.

12. Probably the best thing I bought last year and maybe ever! This bottle keeps liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It’s perfect to fill up with coffee or water before a flight.

Hello Chicago


Last weekend we headed to Illinois, to explore it’s Windy City or as it’s now more famously known, Chi-Town! The birthplace of the skyscraper and now home to one of the world’s iconic skylines, I was excited to visit the city that is frequently named the best city to live in the United States.


Exploring Napa


Visiting Napa was unforgettable and one my favourite places that I’ve been to in the US so far! We weren’t able to spend as much time as we would have liked there, so we’ve already planned a trip back for much longer to experience it without time constraint.


Florida Road Trip


As much as we love family and friends visiting us in D.C. we’ll always be keen to travel and meet them in new places. Rich’s family were crossing the pond to see us for two weeks, we were all set on having a chilled week, so we avoided cities and looked for some serious pool time. (more…)

A Capital Adventure


We have so many people visiting us this year in Washington and with so many things to do here, it’s been hard to fit everything into an itinerary for their trips. I always find that I enjoy my trips most I’m staying with locals or friends or family that live in that particular place, because you get to see it in a much more authentic way. (more…)

A Visit to Old Town


One of our favourite things about Washington and living in the US in general is the ability to drive anywhere without having to cross a sea. Whilst we have spent our time planning road trips to neighbouring states and beyond, we love that a 30 minute car journey or metro ride can take you into a completely different setting.


Charleston In Spring


When it was confirmed that we’d be moving to the U.S. for three years, the first thing we did was write a list of all the places we wanted to visit whilst we were there. Charleston was in our top five places.


Road Trip to Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg004Last week I found myself alone in DC for a few days whilst my boyfriend had to go back to London for a quick trip. As much as I’m loving DC, the thought of staying in for a few days alone seemed rather dull and going outside to explore in the freezing temperatures didn’t seem that fun either.

It didn’t take very long before I’d booked a trip to Dallas to visit a friend, who has, for the last 10 years been at an 8 hour minimum flight away. I could definitely get used to the now 3 hour flight!  (more…)

2018 Travel Plan

JEFF-2We have finally settled in D.C., with most of the apartment completed (still awaiting some bits of furniture), ready for our first visitors in February! This weekend we braved the extreme cold to go and visit the Thomas Jefferson memorial, as we knew no one would be around to get in the way of photos! (more…)