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They say a made-up face and great hair are the key to looking your best but a much quicker and less time consuming way is to throw on a pair of shades. Who doesn’t look more glam with a pair of sunglasses on?!

For my entire sunglass-wearing life I’ve flipped between the aviator, the wayfarer and let’s not forget the oversized bee styles that reigned the 00’s.

I recently discovered my love for a cat-eye shape, not just because every brand currently has them at the top of their best seller list, or that every person on my Instagram feed is wearing them, but because I actually tried a style out of my comfort zone. Never did I think I’d be raving about a cat-eye, given that my main and only reason for wearing sunglasses was to ensure that 75% of my face was covered.

They may not be for everyone but you’ll never know unless you give them a try!




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I could say it was my recent visit to Charleston that inspired my love of pastel clothing, but the truth is it’s always been a number one choice for me, especially the blush tones. Having bought several pastel accessories of late, I’ve realised that they can hold an outfit together and make more of a statement than the actual dress or skirt itself.

I love that brands are now adding these colour palettes to trendier and even sportier pieces (like here & here) instead of the classic feminine and summer-only styles. Whether its the ice cream hues that will bring you into Spring or booking that next trip to warmer climates, this trend is accessible to all shapes and styles!





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Circle bags, round bags, hat box bags, call them what you like but if you’re anything like me, you’ve been searching the internet for the last couple of months trying to find a half decent one that can be pulled off for winter. During the summer there seemed to be lots of different varieties on offer but all with canvas or straw fabric and an expiry date of September.

Mansur Gavriel…the holy grail of the circle bag has paved the way for ‘everyday’ brands to create their own take on the original design, although I’m a little disappointed as to how slow they are being. I expect by Spring they’ll be a focus for every accessories brand, but until then I’ve rounded up my favourites so far.

Whilst I was in NYC last weekend I stumbled over TDE (stands for The Daily Edited), an accessories store in the West Village which had incredible circle bags that you can also have personalised, the best part is that the price won’t make you need to re-mortgage. You’re welcome!




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You may have noticed I’ve been slightly obsessed with check recently. Every brand seems to be stocking a variety of check and I haven’t been holding back with the layering. With check it seems like you can’t go wrong, anything looks good clashing with anything else. I think the trick with this trend is to not play safe, oh and don’t forget your beret!