A Capital Adventure


We have so many people visiting us this year in Washington and with so many things to do here, it’s been hard to fit everything into an itinerary for their trips. I always find that I enjoy my trips most I’m staying with locals or friends or family that live in that particular place, because you get to see it in a much more authentic way. (more…)



We live a very short walking distance from the Sprinkles store in Georgetown and whilst that might have been a selling point for our apartment (I’ll leave this up to you to take seriously or not…), it hasn’t been too great for our bank balance (take this seriously).

I wanted to try and recreate something similar but adding my own twist to the traditional ‘Red Velvet’ cake that wouldn’t set us back $10 each time. This recipe is very simple and quite easy to adapt, depending on your taste and dietary preferences. (more…)



All of the bags that I’ve been loving recently are either woven or wicker styles. There are so many brands putting their own spin on this summer trend and I’ve narrowed down my favourites! (more…)

A Visit to Old Town


One of our favourite things about Washington and living in the US in general is the ability to drive anywhere without having to cross a sea. Whilst we have spent our time planning road trips to neighbouring states and beyond, we love that a 30 minute car journey or metro ride can take you into a completely different setting.


10 Tips for Beginner Photography


We started learning the ‘art of photography’ towards the end of last year (2017), through family members who are experienced photographers as well as online tutorials (hundreds of them). The camera we were originally learning with was the Canon 100D and whilst it was a really great camera, we found that my iPhoneX was actually better for the type of shots we wanted to take (mainly portrait and outfit photos).


Charleston In Spring


When it was confirmed that we’d be moving to the U.S. for three years, the first thing we did was write a list of all the places we wanted to visit whilst we were there. Charleston was in our top five places.