Road Trip to Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg004Last week I found myself alone in DC for a few days whilst my boyfriend had to go back to London for a quick trip. As much as I’m loving DC, the thought of staying in for a few days alone seemed rather dull and going outside to explore in the freezing temperatures didn’t seem that fun either.

It didn’t take very long before I’d booked a trip to Dallas to visit a friend, who has, for the last 10 years been at an 8 hour minimum flight away. I could definitely get used to the now 3 hour flight!  (more…)

2018 Travel Plan

JEFF-2We have finally settled in D.C., with most of the apartment completed (still awaiting some bits of furniture), ready for our first visitors in February! This weekend we braved the extreme cold to go and visit the Thomas Jefferson memorial, as we knew no one would be around to get in the way of photos! (more…)

IMG_8394This past weekend was our fourth weekend living in DC and we were yet to explore the city. Every weekend so far had been spent in furniture and DIY stores, so we decided, even though the apartment is far from done, that we’d take this weekend to visit a new place we hadn’t been before, of course going via Home Depot. (more…)

NEWYORKHEADER1.jpgThe most exciting part about moving to Washington, for us, was being able to explore as much of the USA that we could possibly fit in, in the three years that we are here. So for our first opportunity to take a short trip, naturally, we visited a place that we’ve both visited 15+ times before… (more…)